The turnkey energy efficiency solution.

Optimise your clients’ energy consumption in a simple and practical way.




The KEO base plan includes::

5 circuit monitorisation


Technical survey of your facilities *

Access to Kisense Software

Periodical reports

1 year of energy management *

* services within KEO base plan that can be supplied by you or your company.


What can it do for you and for your company?

Easy and more efficient management of your clients’ energy consumption.


Know when and where your customers consume more energy.


Cost reduction via real time information on your clients’ different energy sources.


Identify and eliminate your clients’ energy waste.


Detect equipment malfunction in an early stage.


Demonstrates the savings/established measures correlation.

Features that add value:


Analyse your clients’ consumption profile in specific time periods. Manage working times and parameters of your clients’ equipment.


Set up when and how you want to be warned about excessive consumption, outside predefined schedules and objectives from your clients.


Determine your clients’ baseline and compare it to their current consumption. Determine the savings/executed measures correlation.


Obtain customised reports periodically from your company different areas. Monitor closely your energy consumption.


Integrate other variables consumption (water, gas, enthalpy, etc.), monitor additional circuits, install circuit commands, among others.


How can you use KEO to stand out from your competitors?

Monitor your clients’ different energy variables:













Ambient Light



Allows you to analyse the gathered data by monitoring in a simple and intuitive graphic representation: set-up KPI; compare consumption from the different areas and time frames; compare produced and consumed energy in the same graphic; definition of baseline profiles; know your consumption profile with heat maps – these are some of KEO energy management software - Kisense - functions.



Manage energy consumption of your clients by adapting alarms, activate/deactivate circuits remotely in real time, shifting energy loads to lower tariffs, customising reports to your needs, and more.



Simplifying and optimising your work as an energy consultant is also our goal: maximise your clients’ savings at the end of the month.


These are just some successful of this customised turnkey solution, which allows you to optimise your energy consultant job at your company:

Over 2000 buildings monitored

1 TWh energy managed per year

More than 20% energy consumption reduction in chain stores (payback period – less than 2 years)

More than 5% cost reduction in hotels

Up to 25% residential consumption decrease

Up to 10% reduction on the industrial sector

Partners Program

We are selecting partners for Kisense Energy Optimiser who operate in the following sectors:

Electric Installers


Energy Auditors


Professional Trainers


Business Organisations

Advantages for Partners:


Access to KEO plans with premium conditions.


Customised offer adapted to your company’s profile.


Access to all technical and marketing materials to replicate this formula in your company.


Technical advice from our business experts to increase your sales.


Personalised follow-up to use all KEO tools in the most profitable way and optimise the resources employed in each client.

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